The Advantages of Hiring Expert Interior Painting Service Home Improvement 

The Advantages of Hiring Expert Interior Painting Service

A lot of homeowners consider doing the task of painting the interior of their homes themselves, which is actually a pretty good choice. However, if what you want is for your house to appear perfect, then you should definitely hire a professional interior painter. A painting firm can paint or repaint just one room or your entire abode. If you opt to hire an expert, you can rest assure that the job gets accomplished right.

Our recommendation – Calgary interior painting.

Interior painting firms offer their painting services at reasonable prices and anybody can certainly afford to employ a professional painting firm. Some firms provide free quotes, and this is something that you should take full advantage of. An expert painting firm can save you time, effort and cash, and handle all the laborious work for you.

They have all of the right supplies which are required for painting houses, so there is no need for you to go outside and shop for supplies. They carry professional and high quality painting supplies in different colors and styles that can accommodate your discerning requirements. Moreover, they have all the apt tools which are required for interior painting projects.

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In case you are having troubles choosing the colors to use for your rooms, you should confer with an expert. You can talk about your interior painting ideas with an expert and seek for suggestions. On the other hand, you can also buy home improvement books or magazines. You can get great ideas from these materials. You will need to work together with an expert to relay your color preferences and so on.

Painting your abode can certainly be a messy and tough task and you really should employ an expert in case you do not have any painting knowledge and experience. Expert painters have had plenty of training as well as experience. They will guarantee that the task gets accomplished properly and they will not leave behind any mess.

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Painting companies offer all kinds of interior painting such as painting or refinishing kitchen cupboards, painting trim, painting bedrooms, painting the walls and ceilings. In addition to that, they will make it certain that all of your possessions are well protected and that your whole family is out of harm’s way while they perform the work. An expert painting company can help you build the ambiance that you want by utilizing color as well as flair. An expert can stop by at your house to talk about the job and provide you with an estimate. With professional interior painting companies, there is no need for you to ever get your hands dirty!

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The Advantages Of Gold IRA Rollovers Featured Financial 

The Advantages Of Gold IRA Rollovers

Your IRA investment strategy can make the difference between happiness and misery in your elderly age. Nothing is safe anymore, no investment is guaranteed, so we can’t rely on our savings anymore. It is impossible to predict how the stock market is going to evolve. Banks already offer negative interest rates. Under these circumstances, it’s hard to figure out which is the most effective way of earning our financial security for those years when we are going to be too old to earn a living anymore. Rolling over a part of your IRA to gold can be a good method of spreading out the risk. There are a few advantages to gold IRA rollovers, as we are going to see in this article, below.

Less Volatility

Gold is less volatile than the stock market, so you can be almost sure that your money is going to be there for you by the time you are going to need it. Although the price of gold hasn’t increased much over the past two years, it hasn’t collapsed, either. Besides, there aren’t any major fluctuations which are rather the norm in stock market investments.


If you take a look back into the history of gold, you can easily see its price has been on an ascending trend. On long term, gold is one of the most reliable and stable investments possible. You can safely consider it is always going to be worth at least what you’ve paid for it.


Gold is one of the assets one can turn into cash in an instant. In case of emergency, you are going to find it very easy to sell your gold for cash. Real estate properties are much more difficult to sell, so gold is much better when it comes to financial emergencies that call for quick cash.


As natural gold resources on our planet are limited, the time will come when all of them are going to be depleted. Since the demand is always going to exist, the price is going to go up. This is one of the basic laws of the market economy. Whenever there’s scarcity, prices tend to grow. In addition, this might create a bigger demand, which is going to determine even more price increases. By the time you are going to use it, your gold IRA might be worth several times its actual value. This is as good as one can get in terms of long term investments.


A gold IRA can consist from either coins or bullion. They are as physical as can be, so you don’t have to worry you are going to wake up one day to see them gone, as it can happen to stock shares. By rolling over a portion of your regular IRA or 401k to gold, you are going to buy solid metal you can touch. Actually, you can’t touch it before the right time comes, but it is going to be there, in your custodian’s storage facilities. Custodians handle the gold, but the fact that you aren’t allowed to store it under your bed or in your pantry doesn’t mean you don’t own it. The gold is yours, but since you don’t pay any tax on it, the government has to make sure you save it rather than trading it for cash each time an emergency occurs. Nonetheless, when the time comes, you can decide what you want to do with your gold. You can turn it into cash and spend it on making your life better. You can save it for the difficult days by the end of your life, when you might be too sick to take care of yourself. You can give it to your children. You can do anything you want, but only when the purpose of your IRA has been reached. If you really need it, it is possible to sell some of your gold before, but you have to be aware you are going to be taxed, as it is going to be considered taxable income. It is up to you if you want to do this or not.

There are some fees associated with a gold IRA rollover, so you have to inform yourself well before proceeding. First of all, there is the retirement account setup fee. This is charged for setting up your new gold IRA account and it is usually a one-time fee. It may vary by institution, so you should consider doing some research before choosing the company to work with. There’s also a custodian fee, charged by the institution that oversees and protects the assets in your IRA. This is usually an annual fee. As your gold has to be stored somewhere, you can expect to pay a storage fee, as well. Last but not least, you can expect to pay a mark-up to the seller who’s going to handle your gold transactions.

Despite all these fees, you may still find out a gold IRA is more profitable on long term than many stock market or real estate investments. The most important thing before you make your final decision is to consider your overall financial plan and see what options would suit you best. Ideally, you should avoid putting all your eggs in one basket, so that’s why you should consider having a regular 401k or IRA account, as well as a gold one. Spreading the risk is always good for your finances, any expert can tell you that.

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Dating Ideas In Austin, TX – Your Ultimate Guide Featured Recreation 

Dating Ideas In Austin, TX – Your Ultimate Guide

If you’re looking for some fun, interesting, and romantic date ideas in Austin TX, then you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, you’ll find a wide selection of fantastic ideas that will be sure to get your creative juices flowing. So without any further introduction, let’s learn more about the date ideas we have you.

** Looking for a matchmaker in the Austin area? Take a look at

1 – The Austin Zoo


If you’re looking to save money but still want to deliver and interesting and unique date, then checking out the Austin zoo is a fantastic idea.

With a standard entry fee of just $9 it’s certainly quite cheap, and you can always use Groupon to get even more of a discount as well. There is a variety of interesting animals to see, and it’s a lovely day out when the sun is shining.

2 – Twilight Cruise at the Ladybird Lake


Another highly affordable, yet wonderful date idea is the hour-long cruise on ladybird lake. The tour only costs $10 for each person, and it’s certainly a very romantic evening under the stars in downtown Austin.

3 – Bowling at the Dart Bowl


The idea of going to a bowling alley for a date is bordering on cliché, but there’s no denying it can be a lot of fun, and it can also bring out the competitive side of both partners.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt that it’s a very cheap evening as well. While it may be better to avoid the busy Friday or Saturday evenings, virtually any day of the week will be perfect for a cheap date at the bowling alley.

4 – Visit The Open Canopy Art Complex


If you are a creative type or dating someone who is, then checking out the open canopy on the first Saturday of each month is a great idea. The gallery is free entry for the public, and there’s often a variety of workshops and special events available which will make the evening even more interesting.

5 – Paddle Boarding At Town Lake


If you are looking for something that’s a little out of the ordinary, then look no further than stand-up paddle boarding on town Lake.

Even if you or your date has never experienced this before, it’s surprisingly simple to learn, and while there is always the chance of falling off, it will usually end up with plenty of laughs and lots of fun for all.

The price of renting a few boards is incredibly cheap, so if you’re looking for an active date that is sure to impress then you can’t go wrong by trying this fun activity.

6 – Cocktails At The Firehouse Lounge


If you’re in the market for something a little tamer and more traditional, then having cocktails at the Firehouse Lounge is a great start.

There is often a great selection of live music on any popular night, and the excellent bar staff will be sure to make your night extra special. Overall, there’s a wonderful atmosphere to the place, and when you combine the red ambient lighting with the fantastic live music, you can guarantee your date will go well.

7 – Watch The Sunset At Mt. Bonnell


There’s nothing quite as romantic as watching the sunset on this location, and the view is something that many people may not have experienced before, even if they have left in Austin Texas most of their life.

This can lend a very romantic moment to the evening, and the sunset time is often late enough in the summer to allow for an activity previous to this one. Another benefit of this is that you can research the precise sunset time in advance, so you will know exactly when to arrive at your destination.

8 – Visit The Pinballz Arcade


When you’re looking for a retro date that is sure to bring back fun memories, then checking out the pinball arcade and enjoying a broad selection of old-school pinball machines and new arcade games is sure to delight your date. This date can be fairly cheap, and you can even enjoy some food while there.

9 – Take A Cooking Class Together


If you have a flair for cooking, or your date does, then taking one of the many cooking classes available at Central market or promote can be a fantastic date idea.

Not only can you prepare your own food (saving you the cost of buying dinner) but it will certainly stand out in the mind of your date as being a little different and out of the ordinary.

What’s more, the activity of cooking gives you something else to focus on, so it’s a great way to break the ice on an awkward first date.

10 – Have A Game Of Miniature Golf


There are several top locations in Austin for a game of mini golf, and it’s the ultimate blend of fun, creativity, and affordability all in one – so it’s great place to take virtually any date whether it’s the first, second, third or more.

Both of you can have a lot of fun, and it also allows for additional activities later in the evening.


In summary, it’s easy to see that there’s a variety of fun and entertaining date ideas available in Austin Texas – and we’ve only scratched the surface in this guide.

Overall, there are dozens upon dozens of different ideas for this fantastic city, so it’s one of the best places to be if you’re planning to impress a date. What’s more, you can easily combine several of these ideas to make for a wonderful evening experience that will be remembered for a long time to come.



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5 Of My Favorite Bathroom Designs Home Improvement 

5 Of My Favorite Bathroom Designs

I have been looking into doing a full renovation to my bathroom. Yes, the 70’s turquoise sink and toilet have to go! Luckily, I have a decent budget so i should be able to find a very chic new bathroom design. The problem though? There’s so many cool ideas online that I cannot make up my mind! Here are 5 of my favorites:

1. Cool and Modern

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image via

2. Cool Little Bench

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image via

3. Love These Bathroom Shelves

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image via

4. Cool Tile Work

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image via

5. Super Clean

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image via

Interior Designer recommendation – click here.

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I Got A New Pair Of Glasses! Health 

I Got A New Pair Of Glasses!

I have been wearing the same glasses for a very long time – I actually lost track of the number of years. I was at my optometrist in Plano, TX recently and it looked like I needed a slight change in my prescription. I thought that this would be a great chance to check out some new styles. Of course, I jumped online to see some suggestions and ended up seeing three different pairs that I loved:

Choice 1

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image via

Choice 2

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image via

Choice 3

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image via

Which would you choose?

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How Long Does It Take To Get A Reverse Mortgage? Featured Financial 

How Long Does It Take To Get A Reverse Mortgage?

Most reverse mortgages can take anywhere from 30-60 days from start to finish. The following very detailed article does an excellent job at showing you the whole process and what takes place during this time:

The Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) aka “reverse mortgage” process is dependent on the lender or the borrower completing required documentation in a timely manner and varies on a case-by-case basis. However, most reverse mortgages are processed within 30-60 days, or less.

As complicated as the process may seem, with education and a diligent broker, you are able to move your reverse mortgage process almost seamlessly.

Here is a step-by-step process on what you can expect to happen with your reverse mortgage process.


The following infographic is also an awesome resource showing you all the aspects of reverse mortgages including requirements, fees and scenarios:

+ Click to Enlarge Image +
Anatomy of a Reverse Mortgage [Infographic] -

Looking to get a reverse mortgage? Take a look at these great brokers:

Albuquerque NM reverse mortgages
Texas reverse mortgages

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Best SEO Tools For Small Business Business Featured 

Best SEO Tools For Small Business

There are literally tons of SEO tools out there and it can be difficult to figure out which ones you should be using (and paying for in some cases). While most SEO professionals have a lot of different opinions, there happens to be a few excellent articles out there that do a fantastic job at deciphering the best ones for you. Take a look at some of these very insightful SEO tool articles:

image via">
image via

There are many things that can contribute to business growth, but, more often than not, what tools businesses use can make a significant difference to the bottom line. Whether they’re looking for increased productivity, better customer service, easier billing, more professional looking content, or finding a tool that silently speeds up project completion, every business needs a solid framework for growth. — Read more at

If you happen to be looking for a good SEO company, take a look here.

If you are looking for more suggestions, Brian over at Backlinko also did a huge resource here.

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Best Options For Short Term Investment Financial 

Best Options For Short Term Investment

A wise man once said; having your money saved up without it attracting any interest or increasing in value is not saving at all. In other words, if you have placed some money under your mattress with a mind that you are saving them, then the money is not helping you in any way. You need money to gain even more money; that is the idea. One of the best ways to save or invest your money is through short-term investment options.

Need an investment advisor? We recommend:

Types Of Short Term Investment Options

Generally, short-term investments can be divided into four different groups, which include:

  • Short Term Investment Account Options
  • Short Term Investment Options
  • Short Term Bonds
  • Peer to Peer Lending Options

However, it is advisable not to put your money in the stock market such as ETF’s, Mutual Funds, or Individual Stocks. If you are looking for short term investment options, let the stock market be your last option. It does not matter how knowledgeable you are when it comes to stock market; let it be your last option.

Short-Term Investment Account Options

There are various short-term investment accounts available. Some of these accounts include:

1. Online Saving Accounts


Online saving accounts is a sure way that guarantees your investment will not lose any amount but at the same time, it generates little bits of returns. In other words, savings account comes with a particular interest mostly awarded either monthly or annually.

Its Benefits:

  • It offers no loses to the initial amount as long as you keep the amount below FDIC coverage of $250,000. All that is needed is depositing the money and then walk away knowing that your money is safe.
  • It offers a small risk-free return on investment. The truth of the matter is that the current interest rate is very low, which means that it will take a lot more time to gain a lot of money in the process.
  • High liquidity: a majority of online banks allow 6 withdrawals per months from saving accounts. This means that you can cash-out anytime you need your money.

2. Online Checking Accounts


Online checking accounts are just like savings accounts. This is because it offers many benefits of online saving accounts with even more liquidity. This is because the number of withdrawals is not limited.

Its Benefits:

  • A guarantee to-never-lose principal on your principal investment
  • It offers a small, risk-free return on your investment. Current online checking interest rates are very low.
  • Extremely high liquidity. You can withdraw the cash at any time using ATM, debit card or via bank transfers.
    It is a hassle free investment

3. Cash Back Rewards Offers


Pursuing rewards may not look like a short-term investment but in actual sense, it is. However, your ‘earnings’ will be based on your spending rather than the dollars you invest. How does it work? This is a question on many people’s minds.

Let us assume that you have signed up for the Chase Sapphire Preferred® card so that you could score a huge bonus. After that, if you get 50,000 points, which is worth $500 after you have spent $3,000 using your card within 90 days. In addition, since the $95 annual fee is waived the first year, you can earn this bonus without paying anything out-of-pocket to do so.

Therefore, you must meet all the minimum spending requirements with stuff you are going to buy. After you have achieved the requirements, you will just pay off your card right away to avoid credit card interest.

Another financial advisor recommendation – click here.

4. Money Market Account


The truth of the matter is that the money market is currently paying higher APY compared to CDs. However, if you are familiar and disciplined with CD’s, then you can earn a higher amount of cash and immediately have access to your money. The good thing is that you will be given an ATM card; together with checks and deposit slips to help you access your money quickly. The money market account is based on the account balance, but not the time you have invested your capital amount. The moment CD rates start rising; a person can avoid paying a penalty if they withdraw from the market.

Short Term Investment Options

Here are some investment options you could use with the above accounts.

1. Short-term Bonds Funds And ETFs


Bonds are products that are mainly handled by professional financial advisors. It is important to know that bonds are not as stable as money market, but overly offers a higher earning potential.

2. Certificate of Deposits (CD)


Banks offer various terms for deposit accounts, ranging from 3 months to 5 years. The length of CD will work best for you depending on your timeline and the time you are looking to withdraw your amount. This gives people the power to invest their amount for a particular time. In other words, the longer the investment time, the higher the yield will be.

Short Term Bonds

There are 3 main short-term investments within this category. they include:


TIPS, is an acronym for Treasury Inflation Protected Securities; A government bond is indexed to currency inflation. The interest rates on TIPS are fixed, but the primary security worth increases with inflation as indicated by consumer’s price Index.

You could only get 0.5% in interest usually paid semiannually, but over a period of 5 years, the bond could increase up to 2.5% per year. The result is that you could earn as much as the amount you first invested.

2. Municipal Bonds And Corporate Bonds

When it comes to municipal bonds, it is slightly risky compared to TIPS and other treasury investments. At the same time, a majority of municipalities do not default their bonds. If rates rise in the marketplace, the value of the bond decreases to compensate.

Peer To Peer Lending Websites

The peer-to-peer lending websites are a great way for investors to broaden their investment portfolio through spreading out the investments as well as reducing their risk. These sites work as tools to connect investors with qualified consumers looking for a loan, giving the investors the power of giving out loans like the way banks do. The investor with purchased notes will receive monthly incomes in the form of loan repayments as well as loan interest. In the end, this can easily be a win-win for everyone involved.

This could be achieved in two ways, which are:

  • Lending Club
  • Prosper

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After Bankruptcy Credit Repair Financial 

After Bankruptcy Credit Repair

I recently came across a very interesting article about how someone managed to repair their credit after bankruptcy. Sadly, a lot of people have to go through this at one point of their lives but it is refreshing to see exactly how someone overcame it and was able to repair their credit. This articles goes into a huge amount of detail for anyone that may be looking for the same information.  See more info and the article here:

Three years ago I was roughly $130,000 in debt while earning a whopping $28,000-a-year salary at a retail job as I chased my dream of being an orchestral musician.

I had amassed $100,000 in student loans, was living off credit cards (a $12,000 balance spread over three cards) and had impulsively bought a sports car I couldn’t afford. (The transaction went something like this: “Hello, good sir! I’d like to buy that beautiful car over there. I have no money to put down and my credit is mediocre at best — but that’s not stopping me from driving the wheels of my dreams!”) — Read more at

It goes into everything from dealing with it, living below your means and more.

If you happen to be going through some of the same situations financially, you may also want to take a look here:

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